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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

"Cosmic Messages - Ufo Remix", "Mensajes Cósmicos": Dance Music, Remix by Jupisoft


"Cosmic Messages - Ufo Remix", included in my album "Nibiru Remixing", is the title of a song by Fratelli Stellari that I remixed (the original is "Messaggi dal cosmo", included in "Aglien Discomix").

I am pleased to announce that the Spanish composer Jupisoft created a personal version of "Cosmic Messages - Ufo Remix": you can listen and download for free this and the other songs contained in his album "Remixes"!


The song is number 1:


Monday, 29 January 2018

DJoNemesis, "Matres Alienorum Edit": Dance-Electronic Music Featuring Fratelli Stellari

Listen to my latest remix: "Matres Alienorum Edit", a new version of
the song "Matres Alienorum" originally performed by Fratelli Stellari!

Available on Bandcamp


Ascoltate il mio ultimo remix: "Matres Alienorum Edit", una nuova versione
della canzone "Matres Alienorum" lanciata dai Fratelli Stellari!

Disponibile su Bandcamp

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Dorien Dorion, "Egyptian Sands": A Music Album For An Alien-Style Belly Dance

"Egyptian Sands" is the new digital album by Dorien Dorion, an artist of the group Fratelli Stellari: it is dedicated to the tradition of belly dance. Dorien is the composer and the singer; he was inspired by ethnic music, particularly by the typical melodies of North African countries. This 8 track album is also dedicated to the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, such as Pyramids, the Sphinx, Bastet the Cat Goddess... but the greater mystery of all is that of alien traces over or under the sands!

Listen to the whole album, for free, on Bandcamp

Available on Spotify, Google Play, Deezer
and other music stores on line


1. "Queen of the Desert" 3:21

2. "The Hidden Chamber" 4:17

3. "Under the Sphinx" Feat. Fratelli Stellari 3:29

4. "The Cat Goddess" 3:22

5. "La Nuit du Pharaon" 3:20

6. "Rhythm of the Nile" Feat. DJoNemesis 4:08

7. "El Templo de Horus" 4:20

8. "Egyptian Sands Instrumental Mix" 6:23

Music and lyrics composed by Dorien Dorion,
except for track no. 6: lyrics by DJoNemesis.

Vocals by Dorien Dorion, DJoNemesis and Fratelli Stellari.

Above: Dorien Dorion, an alien vedette