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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Fratelli Stellari: Pop-Dance-Electronic Music

Fratelli Stellari (Star Brothers) are a group of writers and singers, based in Italy (Florence and Turin). According to some rumours, all members of this band are of alien origin (coming from Orion's Belt), but they hide themselves among the earthlings through pseudonyms and disguises.
They experience various genres of music: pop, dance, disco, funk, electronic; they sing in English, Italian, Spanish and French. Several vocalists belong to the band; among the most representative, we find Stella DemarisDJoNemesis, Dorien Dorion, Figli d'Orione (Children of Orion, a "subgroup" specialized in the English language), Mauna Ki, Ritanne du Lac and La Vecchina dell'Aceto (The Old Lady of Vinegar).
Fratelli Stellari pay attention to their look and appear often in space costumes; sometime their lyrics are humour-oriented.
They usually record at two studios, one in Florence and the other in Turin: Pleyad Studios, which is also the name of their discographic label.
Producers and managers of the band are

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