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Saturday, 4 March 2017

DJoNemesis & Lilly, "An Ufo Over Turin": Music Single, Extended Play

The city of Turin is the vertex of three triangles: the Triangle of Black Magic (with London and San Francisco), the Triangle of White Magic (with Lyon and Prague) and the Triangle of UFOs (with La Spezia and Bergamo).
My pop-electronic track "An Ufo Over Turin" (an extended play, duration 8.53 minutes) is dedicated to the UFO sightings that often occur in the capital city of Piedmont. Several encounters with UFOs have been reported around the Monte Musinè (a mountain close to Turin) from the 1970s onward.
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Vocals by Figli delle Pleiadi.
All the instrumental tracks used by DJoNemesis & Lilly are allowed for creating derivative songs and for commercial uses, according to Creative Commons Licenses 3.0 and 4.0.
Label: Pleyad Studios.
Music composed by Dorien Dorion, Charles HerreraJason Shaw.
Produced by Fabio Nocentini and Giuseppe Ciucci.
Sound Engineering: DJoNemesis & Lilly, Fabien de La Noisette.
Recorded at the Pleyad Studios in Florence and Turin, Italy.
Copyright © 2017, DJoNemesis & Lilly - All rights reserved

Turin, a Fantastic City

Turin with Monte Musinè on the background

Monte Musinè with Turin on the background

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