DJoNemesis and Lilly

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Fratelli Stellari, Alien Popstars and Cabaret Artists: Photogallery

Some of the most representative members of the band Fratelli Stellari, from left to right: Dorien Dorion, Stella Demaris, Ritanne du Lac, DJoNemesis.

Above and below: Performance in Turin, 2016

Above: La Vecchina dell'Aceto, also known as DJ Vequine

Above: Performance in Florence, 2015

Above: Sarah Ley, also known as Mauna Ki

Above: Performance in Florence, 2014

Above: Grux La Verte and Perlaliène, Performance in Florence, 2016

Above and below: Performance in Viareggio, 2016

Above and below: Performance in Florence, 2017

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